We kick things off by checking in with Texas Game Warden Captain Josh Koenig. Captain Koenig recently headed up a multi-year sting operation focused on Houston Texas’ black market for game fish. His unit posed as fish merchants and tried to sell illegal fish to various seafood restaurants throughout the Houston area. What they uncovered is simply mind blowing. Nearly 50% of restaurants were willing to purchase fish illegally! This is a huge issue from both a conservation standpoint and health risk concern for the consumer.

Then we head to South Africa and discuss hunting the “Black Death” with our friend and Professional Hunter Carl Van Zyl of John X Safaris. Cape Buffalo kill numerous hunters and guides every year. Carl talks about the severity of a cape buffalo hunt and how he has managed to keep himself and his clients safe over the years. Few animals hold such a revered place among hunters as the Cape Buffalo- affectionately called Black Death for a reason. I was able to tag along on my friend Glynn Underwood’s buffalo hunt last summer.

Next we discuss off season whitetail habitat improvements and spring/summer food plots with our old friend Dr. James Kroll – AKA ‘Dr. Deer’. We dive into prescribed burns, roller chopping, what plants work best in both northern and southern climates and much more!