We all have a fish story, and this spring I was fortunate enough to hook into a largemouth that I may never top. All my life, I’ve wanted to join the double digit club. Some people fish their entire lives and never do. So to catch this big girl was something of a dream come true. And where I caught might just be the most surprising aspect of the whole experience.

10.23 lbs!

Next we check in with lifelong houndsman Joe Braman of South Texas. Whether it be bobcats or mountain lion, Joe Braman is typically thought to be the best houndsman in the Lone Star State. Recently, he was approached by our mutual friend and conservationist Ivan Carter regarding the possibility of training his hounds to help catch rhino poachers in Africa. Joe responded by taking the next 15 months to train up over 100 hounds to aid in the effort. He talks about that training process and how he was able to make these friendly dogs aggressive enough to engage and stop a human target.

The we discuss the latest and greatest hog hunting technology from All Seasons Feeders with 2nd generation owner Zach Gates. The new ‘Lil Squealer’ hog light comes in at a $59 price point and is going to be a game changer for the working man. Zach also has a new kit out that can take that old Gen 1 Night Vision unit and turn it into the latest and greatest currently on the market.