Captain Nick Dykes of Triple D Charters kicks things off when he joins us from a saltwater bay somewhere on the Texas coast. We talk spring specks, downsizing baits to match the hatch, wade fishing and much more. (trout are currently gorging on big schools of glass minnows, Nick has had success throwing small spoons at them)

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dallas Safari Club Executive Director Corey Mason. We recap Earth X which saw 150,000 people from all walks of life converge in North Texas for a day celebrating our planet. This isn’t an event traditionally thought of as pro hunting, but DSC was there furthering the message and pushing the sustainable use hunting ideology to the audience. We also hit on the recent GOABC (Guides Oufitters of British Columbia) Meeting that Corey attended. The B.C. Grizzly Ban has been in the news alot lately and this meeting was focused on how to get it overturned in the next political election.

Lastly, we spend some time on Tanzania’s recent turmoil concerning trophy hunting. It looked like they might be going down the same path as Kenya and banning trophy hunting all together but their government has assured DSC that they see and understand that hunting is vital for the survival of their wildlife.

We wrap things up by discussing road killed bucks with Bandera County Game Warden Jason Garcia. Are you legally allowed to recover the rack of a road killed deer, what if it’s an exotic (like the below axis deer I photographed on a recent Hill Country trip), or even a varmint? What can you legally salvage? The answers might surprise you.