Late spring means the blue cats are spawning! Our old friend and longtime guide Greg Pavur of Pavur Outdoors drops in to break down where and how he’s pulling good numbers of blues over the rail. Also, Greg walks us through the easiest way to skin a catfish. What about his favorite catfish recipe? We discuss all that and much more.

Next,we dispel the urban legend of the black panther with Texas Parks and Wildlife Chief Mammalogist Jonah Evans. Black Panthers do not exist in North America since Mountain Lions don’t possess the recessive black gene. Yet, people still claim on a regular basis to have seen a black panther. Jonah gives us an explanation as to what they are likely seeing which isn’t a black cat at all, but more likely a mountain lion in poor lighting conditions or some kind of shadow being cast on the cat. The cat below is a black jaguar, and jaguar and leopards are the only big cats in the world that can have the black appearance but again, although their range once consisted of parts of Texas, the last confirmed Jaguar was killed in Texas back in the 1950s. We also get into Jagurundis and ringtail cats during this in depth discussion.

After nearly 9 years of doing this show, I never really thought about having my better half join me until recently. Erin wraps up the broadcast by joining me in studio to look back on a recent rough patch in our marriage that was caused by hunting in a round about way. We’re all smiles now, but it turns out a trophy room can take a real strain on a relationship.