If you’re like me, you purchase a rifle, add optics, take it to the range to zero and then go hunting. But there is alot that goes into the barrel of that rifle. Alot of which I had questions about but never had the answers until our bud Derrick Ratliff of Horizon Firearms jumped on this week to discuss everything that goes into making a rifle barrel and how that relates to it’s accuracy.

Derrick breaks down the 3 most common types of barrel compositions. We also discuss twist rate, barrel lenght, fluting, fouling your barrel, differences between custom and factory barrels and much more. (Custom barrel in the making by Horizon Firearms)

Next we dive into social media platforms attack on pro hunting and 2nd Amendment pages. Our friend Beno Khodabakshian recently had his 75,000 follower Instagram account @TrophyBoars deleted without warning and without explanation. Instagram hasn’t responded to his attempts to contact them. Beno and I discuss the reality that Instagram is out to get our community and attack our way of life. This type of censorship borders on absurdity since people have the right not to follow or look at certain images.

Beno also comes from a unique background, born in Armenia and relocated to Iran in his early years, Beno talk about wild boar hunting in Iran and offers insight as to why there are so many wild hogs in many Muslim countries. Beno has enjoyed hunting Texas hogs for the past few years after moving to the Houston, TX in 2014.

We round out the broadcast by talking optics with our old buddy Mark Boardman of Vortex Optics. I had the chance to sit down with Mark in the Vortex booth at the recent NRA National Convention in Dallas. We discuss the latest and greatest for 2018 and Mark shares some interesting stories from Vortex customers.