Ray “Poco” Cedillo has been targeting big sharks for the better part of 2 decades. His recent hookup with this 14 foot greater hammerhead made national headlines when the fish died. Poco jumps on to set the record straight regarding land based shark fishing and it’s role in conservation and research. These guys are as passionate a group as you’ll find and often get an unfair bad rap. You won’t want to miss out on hearing the tale of this catch of a lifetime!

Then, if you haven’t heard of the Lone Star Tick and the potential health risks it poses, well you need to know. Texas A&M Professor Dr. Maria Esteve-Gasent has made it her life’s work to study ticks and the diseases they can carry. We discuss the red meat allergy that the Lone Star Tick can cause in human beings. Dr. Maria Esteve-Gasent also sheds some light on other parasites and diseases caused by the bites of certain insects.

Next, Dallas Safari Club Executive Director Corey Mason discusses the recent mandate from Namibia’s Minister of Environment and Tourism. A mandate that hunters and safari companies refrain from posting any trophy photos of animals they harvested (while hunting in Namibia) on their social media accounts. Corey gives his take on whether this type of ban is a good or bad thing for the hunting community in general. Also, what recourse does the Namibian Professional Hunters Association have moving forward?