It’s almost here! September 1st will find 300,000 Texas hunters in the field with shotguns in hand. Texas Parks and Wildlife Dove Program Leader Owen Fitzsimmons jumps on the show to discuss the imminent season. We talk 2018 production, re-nesting habits, shells fired per bird harvested (Texas hunters harvest 10 million dove annually), adjusted season dates and much more!

Then we spend a significant amount of time talking all things archery elk with our old friend Ryan Callaghan of First Lite. How close is too close to set camp in area holding elk? What is his go to for light weight water purification? Once you’ve put a mid day bull to bed, should you go in and kill him in his bed, or try to sweet talk him to you? We also discuss different calling techniques for different situations. If you enjoy chasing bugling bulls I think you’ll enjoy the discussion.