Over the years, we’ve had some great discussions with Michael Waddell. This was unscripted visit was no exception. I really had no idea where I wanted the conversation to go, so we just winged. I think you might even hear a cold beer crack open in the background.

Are Rio Grand Turkey’s really less intelligent that their Easter cousins? How do you convince your spouse that you have to go on the hunt of a lifetime when you’ve already been on 5 hunt of a lifetimes this season? What issue does Michael see that we need to do a better job of policing ourselves at as a hunting community? All that and much more.

Then we’re joined by First Lite’s Tag Spenst – Director of Digital Marketing. Tag recently drew a coveted dall sheep hunt at the 2018 Sheep Show in Reno, Nevada. Funny thing though, Tag’s hunting experience consists of killing one duck and one quail. We get his take on what it was like winning that hunt and the preparation he’s put into getting ready for hunting Dall Sheep in Alaska’s famed Brooks Range.

Our friend David Maestas also jumps on to tell us about a unique duck hunting product that I believe belongs on every waterfowler’s lanyard. “The Finisher” is a quick and humane way to put down those cripples that every one of us has seen flopping around the pile of dead ducks. Yeah, the one you though you’d rung it’s neck only to see it twitching 10 minutes later. As ethical sportsmen we need to be better than that. ‘The Finisher’ is the solution to that problem.