Perhaps the greatest conservation success story of our time is that of the wild turkey. Market hunting, timber cutting and a general disregard for the resource resulted in less than 30,000 birds left in North America by the early 1930s. Our TPWD Turkey Program Leader Jason Hardin makes his return to the broadcast. We take a look back at the history of the recovery effort and what Texas Parks and Wildlife is still doing today to continue that mission in East Texas.
Next our old friend and renown big game hunter and world traveler Corey Knowlton jumps on to discuss a rare firearm malfunction that left him temporarily blind while on safari in Tanzania. We also get into Governor Tags and what geographical characteristics the average guy should look for if trying to kill a monster bull or buck on on public land out west. One thing that truly bothers both Corey and myself is the hunting community’s insatiable appetite to destroy itself from within. We get into that irritating phenomenon. Also the “I only kill what I eat” mantra…Corey has some fundamental issues with that movement as well. Of course we revisit the controversial black rhino hunt and the hell that it brought on Corey and his family. Now that we’re a few years removed, would he do it again?