We all know that all shotgun cartridges aren’t created equal. Generally, you get what you pay for and Kent Cartridge has long delivered incredible performance at great price points. But what makes one load better than another? We talk turkey shot shells with Kent’s Jeff Barry on this week’s show. Specifically we’ll hit why Tungsten is so much more lethal than lead and certainly steel shot. Plus, if you’ve ever shot Kent Fasteel waterfowl loads you know it’s a great , premium load at an affordable price. Well, for 2019 they’ve discontinued that line and have introduced the revamped and improved Kent Fasteel 2.0. Jeff gives us all the details on how they improved on an already wildly successful shot shell line  
Photo Credit: Hipster Woodsman
Next, one of my favorite up and coming artists drops in to talk some coyote hunting, fishing, and play some brand new tunes. If you haven’t heard of ZachRomo or the Zach Romo Band, you will. I truly believe they are going to do great things with their raw brand of “Shred Dirt” music.