What’s on my mind this week? Some interesting stuff out of the United Kingdom concerning a hunting ban on a few certain species no one would ever consider protecting. Also, California Congressman Eric Swalwell’s federal gun buy back program that would make those not in compliance felons! And lastly, Bernie Sanders wants to give incarcerated felons the right to vote.
Then we change things up and discuss how one entrepreneur made it in the hunting industry. However, the journey hasn’t been an easy one for Matt Pell and Accubow, and it’s only getting tougher with Facebook and Instagram cracking down on hunting related pages and their products. Not only are these huge social media platforms preventing hunting related companies from advertising, they also are censoring our posts and in some cases deleting content altogether.
We also dive into some backcountry elk hunting and fitness that goes along with that physically demanding style of bowhunting. Plus, Matt recently started a bowhunter mentor program that is worth discussing. All that and the the latest developments from Accubow.