Duck’s Unlimited’s Chief Biologist Tom Moorman makes his return to the show this week. We head to Greenland to discuss one of the most fascinating behaviors I’ve ever seen geese exhibit. The Barnacle goose nests as high as 400 feet up on rocky cliffs. At a day old, the goslings hurl themselves off the cliff with no ability to fly whatsoever. Amazingly, a very high percentage survive this tumble. Why do these geese choose this reproduction tactic? If you haven’t seen the Hostile Planet episode on Barnacle Geese I recommend you check it out on NATGEO. Highly entertaining. We also discuss Hawaii’s waterfowl and hit on blue winged teal behavior in this episode.
Then we spend some time with Sportsmen’s Alliance VP of Communications Brian Lynn. Sportsmen’s Alliance exists to protect hunting and trapping rights and they do it by monitoring legislation in all 50 states. Brian talks about the Alliance’s history and how they go about keeping tabs on potentially dangerous legislation across the country while seemingly understaffed. The main focus of the discussion however, is on the anti hunting faction’s targeted effort to introduce wide scale anti hunting legislation during the 2019 legislative session. It is a nationwide effort unlike anything we’ve seen previously. (Brian with a nice pronghorn)
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