Ivan Carter has lived an interesting life as a hunter and conservationist. After nearly 3 decades spent as a Professional Hunter, his career has taken a turn towards full time conservation.

He has become in a sense the most respected and influential protector of Africa’s wildlife. In my opinion it makes too much sense, hunters have long been the biggest conservationists on the planet and here we have one of the world’s most respected big game hunters now carrying the torch for an entire continent’s conservation efforts.

On this week’s broadcast we discuss a myriad of topics relating to the issues currently threatening Africa’s wildlife and Ivan gives us some thoughts on possible solutions to these issues. From poaching as a business vs poaching for sustenance, to lion recovery in the Zambeze Delta, to viewing elephants as a renewable, harvestable resource. We cover it all and much more with one of our oldest friends and respected members of the conservation and hunting communities.

(Lion recovery is just one of the many recovery projects Ivan is involved in)