About once a year Erin agrees to go varmint hunting with me. That usually occurs at our annual Guns and Guitars event at Koon’s Canyon Ranch. This year, that outing took a turn for the worse when a venomous giant centipede crawled up her dress.

What ensued next was part frightening, part calamity. We discuss when my better half joins me in the studio.

Always keeping it classy, Erin hunting in a dress after we saw Max Stalling and Mark David Manders play an evening concert at Guns and Guitars V.

Then we check in with primitive hunter and weapon maker Ryan Gill from Hunt Primitive. We discuss the history of some of North America’s stone points and the long abandoned atlatl spear. This past winter, Ryan used this 14,000 year old technology to take down an American Bison.

We dive into the research and archeological impact of this hunt and the atlatl’s lethality. Also, spear hunting as a viable means to harvest a deer (you’d be surprised at how many states have regulations preventing this). Plus Ryan discusses his knapping technique that he uses to create all of his stone points for both spear and bowhunting.

A quiver of hand knapped stone points ready for the field.