Atlantic Flyway greenheads are struggling and nobody seems to know why. The flyway wide bag limit was reduced to 2 birds for the 2019-2020 season. Ducks Unlimited Chief Biologist Tom Moorman jumps on to discuss this unfortunate reality and what, if anything can be done to reverse the trend.

Then our good friend and Dallas Safari Club Executive Director Corey Mason makes his return to the show. Corey recently returned from Africa where he represented DSC at some meetings where a few very well know African nations were discussing lifting bans on hunting. We discuss those meetings as well as Corey’s recent Ibex hunt in Spain. Corey talks about the Spanish hunting experience and how Spanish society views sustainable use hunting. (Corey with his Gredos Ibex)

Crimson Talon Broadheads were a fixture in the archery community less than a decade ago. For whatever reason, they closed up shop. New owner Dave Bittle has brought them back in 2019. He discusses the improvements he’s made to the product as well as the unique curved blade technology of a Crimson Talon broadhead.