We kick things off by breaking down the relationship between Desert Big Horn Sheep and invasive aoudad with Texas Parks and Wildlife Desert Big Horn Leader Froylan Hernandez.

His department is in the middle of their aerial surveys which they also use as a method to lethally remove aoudad from areas where they compete with bighorn. We get into the interesting social dynamic of the two species and what happens when they cross paths. Is there a longtime solution? We get Froylan’s take.

Next we head to the coast to talk redfish and trout on the fly rod with our old friend Captain Vincent Ochoa. Captain Vince gives us his favorite flys for these popular bay targets as well as insight on where to find them during late summer.

We round out the show when Backcountry Hunters and Angler’s CEO Land Tawney makes his return to show. We discuss the Trump Administration’s appointment of William Perry Pendley as the Acting Director of the Bureau of Land Management. His track record is one of concern for public land enthusiasts. Land explains why we need to keep close tabs on the situation.