Anthrax outbreaks in a few Southern Texas counties have killed hundreds of deer, exotics and livestock. Texas Parks and Wildlife head veterinarian Bob Dittmar joins the discussion this week to shed light on a disease I knew vary little about.

How is Anthrax contracted? How does it spread? Possible vaccines or is it always fatal? Does it pose a threat to humans? Dr. Dittmar breaks it all down for us. (Infected whitetail buck)

Having taken my kids to see the new Lion King live action film recently, it became obvious that the lifelike appearance of the films characters are going to be an issue for us as hunters and outdoor enthusiasts going forward. The humanization of animals is referred to as anthropomorphism and this phenomenon is something that is relatively new in the annals of human history. For thousands of years humans viewed animals as food and labor. That was their existence. Sadly, that is a far cry from the modern world we live in today. Let me be clear and state that this isn’t me pointing the finger at Disney like movies or cartoons, but rather pointing out that society has lost the ability to differentiate between those productions and the natural world.

The technological advances companies like Disney have made over the past few years are astounding and impressive, but with animal rights activism at an all time high I fear it will create big problems for us. We all know that in the wild, lions don’t befriend warthogs as in the story of Simba and Pumba. Rather, in nature the lion rips the warthogs jugular or crushes his neck with one fatal bite. The difference in the 1994 Lion King and the 2019 installment are profound:

Then we spend some time getting to know one of the outdoor community’s hidden gems. Cartoonist/Humorist Tim “Spike” Davis routinely cracks me up with his outdoor cartoons. A passionate hunter who still lives in Chicago, time loves chasing coyotes as much as any of us. A modern day Gary Larsen is what I like to refer to him as. Be sure to check out his ‘Scattered Thoughts’ social media accounts for a good laugh.