First of all, thank you for tuning in. I can’t believe it’s been nearly a decade and 500 episodes. With that out of the way, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with the annual elk recap. This year my elk hunting partner in crime Chisum Cooke and I headed to Montana to chase bugling bulls with longtime elk hunter Ty Stubblefield from Back Country Hunters & Anglers (formerly of Born and Raised Outdoors).

We discuss the seemingly pointless Bowhunter Education (not required in Texas) that Chisum and I had to take in order to hunt Montana. Ty’s take on it was quite different than mine. Then we transition into the week that was our hunt. From the gear we used and wish we would have had, to caloric output of food vs it’s weight in the backcountry, to pack llamas, full moons, and much more.

Then we transition into the hunt itself. What was rutting activity like during the 2nd week of September? When should you hang back vs put pressure on a bull that is responding to calling? Putting bulls to bed for mid day naps, Kenetrek vs Scarpa boots, Cable’s screw ups, Chisum’s screw ups, Ty’s forgetfulness, foot races through mountain meadows, barefoot dancing in the rain, elk tenderloin cooked on a hot rock and much more. It’s all here for better or worse. Hope you enjoy the ride.