If you lease land for the purpose of deer hunting, then you’ve likely run into some kind of issue over the years. From landowners leasing it out from under you, to family members thinking they can hunt, to stolen property, poachers and the like. I’ve dealt with it all. But something new popped up on my 25 acre archery only lease in North Texas in the form of 3 Labrador Retrievers that began frequenting my lease early this summer. I love labs, have had one or more myself for the past 15 years, however I can’t have them affecting deer holding to such a small property. So how did I deal with it? Tune in to find out.


Next up it’s singer/songwriter and avid duck hunter Alex Bellin live in studio. Alex brought his six string so we’ll take a listen to some of his original tunes as well as talk some waterfowling. I have to give credit to any duck hunter who is dedicated to do it without a dog. We discuss that as well as public land warriors, favorite duck recipes, best tasting duck species, vegans as friends and much more.

(Alex with a couple pintails and a nice greenhead)