Chris Hughes is the 2nd generation owner of Broken Arrow Meats. An exotic venison supply company that his father founded in the early 1980s. At the time, there weren’t many rules or regulations in place and so it was a trailblazing effort to say the least. We discuss how his father wound up supplying venison to some of the finest restaurants throughout the country. It’s also important to note the financial benefit the landowner receives as well as the management aspect that helps reduce the stress an overpopulated herd puts on the landscape.

Chris also explains how they harvest the animals, the electrostimulation process they use to tenderize the meat, the mobile processing unit his father invented that made this business possible, state health inspection, species targeted, venison cuts price per pound and much more. This was truly one of the most fascinating discussions I’ve had in recent memory.

(One of their current mobile processing units, very similar to the one his father designed in 1983)

Then we spend some time with our friend Jeff Barry of Kent Cartridge. Jeff just returned from a Saskatchewan duck and goose hunt that should be at the top of every serious waterfowler’s bucket list. We get the details and logistics of his experience and also discuss the revamped Kent Fasteel 2.0. Plus, what is Jeff’s favorite shot size for puddle ducks? All that and more with Kent Cartridge.

(Jeff with a limit of dark geese taken in Saskatchewan)