I wish that I would have had the opportunity to take an outdoor education course in high school. I didn’t, but through Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation, many of our young people do have that opportunity. Hunter Education, boater safety, archery, orienteering, and even outdoor cooking are all part of the curriculum that this organization focuses on. Executive Director Sean McClelland joins me in studio to discuss the foundation and how it goes about convincing school districts to add the curriculum. I’m a huge fan of Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation because these youth are the future of our way of life.

Also, did I mention that Sean is a former member of TEAM USA Shooting? He even competed at the 2008 Beijing Games. So I guess we’ll have to mix in some shotgunning discussion as well.

Then I’m joined by Outdoor Access founder Buck Robinson. The thing I hear hunters complain the most about is access, whether to public or private land. So, with already proven models like AirBnB and Uber etc already in place, Buck created a similar style service for the hunter/angler/outdoor enthusiast. Outdoor Access is an affordable membership based platform that lets you lease a property for the day, weekend, week etc. Buck discusses how properties are vetted and the many ways he feels Outdoor Access will help increase hunter recruitment by providing more opportunity.