I met Brad Ledrew at the 2017 Dallas Safari Club Convention. His Newfoundland based Moose/Caribou outfit was in my section of exhibitors that I checked in on each day while volunteering as a member of the Exhibitor Welcome Committee. His display/booth for Arluk Outfitters immediately caught my attention. I didn’t know much about moose hunting in Newfoundland or Newfoundland in general for that matter at the time. We began visiting about the hunting there and whether or not it would be the right hunt for me. This hunt stayed in the back of my mind for the next year.

Fast forward to the 2018 DSC Convention and Brad and I reconnected. After a bit more discussion I decided that a 2019 Newfoundland moose hunt with Arluk Outfitters would indeed be the first moose hunt of my life. (if you haven’t ever attended a Dallas Safari Club convention, I recommend you do. I’ve booked quite a few international and domestic hunts at the event). Brad and I after getting the 2019 hunt on the books:

For the rest of the episode you’ll just have to tune in. I visit with my 3rd generation moose guide Sherman Caines (whom I spend the better part of week with tromping around through the boggy Newfoundland terrain). Then Brad jumps on and we recap the hunt and the overall Newfoundland experience with Arluk Outfitters. Certainly something that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my days.