It takes a different breed of person to want to train and hunt with a mink. But that’s exactly what Joseph Carter did and still does. His unique team of mink (member of the weasel family) and hunting dogs have become very adept and pursuing rodents and small game of various sizes. He even offers pest removal services with his trained minks. Joseph talks about his background from falconry as a teen to where he is today. Make no mistake about it, he’s as die hard a hunter as anyone I’ve visited with.

We take a look at how he came to start hunting with mink, how he selects specific traits to breed for. What mistakes has he made throughout this process? Also what in the hell is a “lurcher” and how does this type of dog aid in the hunting operation with the mink? Fascinating stuff with a truly unique individual.

Successful Muskrat hunt with one of his mink

Then we shift gears and hit the lake with longtime crappie guide Jerry Hancock. Jerry chases slabs year round and we pick his brain on what the big crappie are doing as lakes continue to cool off as we transition from late fall into winter. He discusses what baits he’s using and at what depth as well as what landmarks and geographic areas of the lake he’s using to key in on big schools of fish.

(another happy angler with a winter slab)