The tough conversations are never easy to have. This week former Texas Back Country Hunters & Anglers Board Members Abe Bullman and Austin Brown join me in studio to discuss why the ultimately stepped down from their roles on the board. I also try to get to the bottom of the chapter’s “Hunt Real Deer” campaign that they rolled out back in December. The backlash was fierce and immediate. What was it like for them dealing with that response as a chapter? Did they expect it?

I was critical of the campaign from Day 1 and I explain why in this conversation. Plus, we also dive into their podcast ‘Stormwater Creek’, adult on set hunting, and more. Please keep in mind that all three of us agree that BHA still is doing great things. If you’re a member and happy with the direction then by all means continue to support them – public land is certainly worth fighting for. Like I mentioned, these conversations aren’t easy, but certainly necessary.