What to do with all that pork? That is the question that many hunters face a night of thermal or aerial hog control. This week we discuss the limitations the USDA has placed on the donation of feral hog meat to organizations like Hunters for the Hungry, local food banks and shelters etc. Outfitters Charles Spiegel of Three Curl Outfitters and Craig Meier of Heli Hunter see their clients pile up thousands of hogs annually. Yes, it’s fun, but also a necessity for the farmers whose crops they’re protecting. So back to the question…what can be done with all that pork? We take a look at the reality of the current situation and why so many hogs have to be let lay for the coyotes.

(Solid night of thermal hunting at Three Curl Outfitters)

Next, we talk all things wild turkeys with NWTF District Biologist Annie Farrell. Specifically, we get into the life expectancy of a gobbler, nest predation, why hens choose to nest where they do, nesting success ratios and more. Annie also talks about some of the conservation efforts that the NWTF supports such as prescribed burns and restocking efforts (like Annie can be seen participating in below).


(prescribed burn in East Texas)