Safari Club International (SCI) has been the leader in big game conservation and hunter advocacy for nearly 50 years. SCI Director of Governmental Affairs Ben Cassidy joins the show this week. We take a look back at the club’s origins compared to where it is today and how it continues to evolve going forward. There’s a common misconception that SCI is a good old boy’s fraternity of wealthy hunters who primarily hunt internationally.

But with over 200 local chapters across North America, SCI continues to do great things for big game hunting both domestically and internationally. The club’s actual approach is one of inclusivity for all hunters as Ben explains during our chat. To become a member of SCI click here: SCI Membership  (Ben with a nice strap of Louisiana ducks and geese).

Then we head to Northern New Mexico to recap my 2020 archery elk season with longtime outfitter Jared Robinson of  Trifecta Outdoors.

The longtime elk hunter and I recently spent a week together chasing bugles in the storied region of New Mexico. We discuss why the Chama area has such a great elk herd after wapiti were actually extirpated from the area by the mid 1900s. Of course we get into the highs and lows of our hunt as well as the different approach to hunting private land vs public (which is what I’m used to). At the end of the day, I can’t say enough good things about Trifecta Outdoors and can’t wait to hunt with them again next fall.