Most gun owners are well aware that there is a major ammo shortage in America today. Why is that and what are ammunition manufacturers doing to try and catch up? Kent Cartridge’s Jeff Barry makes his return to the show to discuss the current situation and how companies like Kent are increasing production to try and fulfill the current demand. What about their product suppliers? Are they increasing costs on the manufacturer? If so, won’t the consumer feel it when they make an ammunition purchase?

We also discuss the hard hitting and non toxic nature of Kent’s Bismuth waterfowl/upland loads. Why is Bismuth more lethal than steel shot? Jeff breaks it down for us.

Then we spend some time visiting with one of our oldest friends drops by the studio. Zane Williams was the first in studio guest we had on some 11 or so years ago and we’ve stayed close friends and hunting buds ever since. We relive some of our (mostly failed) hunting trips together and discuss bucket list trips, our sons each getting a .410 shotgun and more. Of course, we also hear some brand new tunes and Zane talks about how his new band  The Wilder Blue came to be and what it’s been like trying to get a new band off the ground and running during a global pandemic.