Travis “T-Bone” Turner truly is one of the outdoor industry’s larger than life personalities. The longtime Bone Collector member is also one of the nicest fellas you’ll come across. On this week’s episode, we discuss some of the more ridiculous game laws that we’ve come across over the years. Then of course we’ll get into this whitetail season, which happened to be Travis’ best ever. How was Travis able to pattern 2 Georgia monarchs on his 60 something acre farm? He gives us the details on how he ended up hunting and taking his biggest Georgia archery buck and his biggest buck ever on his small farm this fall. (Travis’ biggest archery buck he’s taken in his home state of Georgia)

Next we spend some time with award winning outdoor writer, political commentator, and host of the ‘District of Conservation Podcast‘ – Gabriella Hoffman. Hailing from the D.C. area, Gabriella has her finger on the pulse of the 2nd Amendment when it comes to the Biden Administration taking over the Oval Office. Gabriella also shares her take on whether Trophy Hunting is an invaluable part of conservation or something we should distance from as a hunting community. (Gabriella hasn’t been hunting as long as some but has enjoyed success afield frequently over the past handful of years)