Ike Eastman of Eastman’s Hunting Journal joins me on episode 566. His grandfather Gordon is considered the godfather of outdoor content creation and that legacy is still alive and well with his grandsons Ike and Guy who currently run Eastman’s today.

Ike and I discuss his favorite Western species to pursue. Plus some resources Eastman’s have available that are designed to help hunters plan their next Western hunt. Also, what is the status of wolves in Wyoming today? Is there an open season, will the Biden Administration try to shut it down? What about the Feds using aerial gunning to control wolf numbers?

(one of the wolves Colorado Parks and Wildlife recently collared that was displaced from it’s original range in Wyoming)

Eastman’s has never been a publication to shy away from using the term “trophy hunting”. Why is that terminology warranted among the hunting community, or should we shy away from it? We also get Ike’s take on where one can have the best chance at a 350 inch bull on an over the counter tag.