Few big game hunters have traveled the globe searching for the next adventure like Corey Knowlton has. He’s hunted in over 60 countries and counting. So when you talk international travel, adventure and conservation from a global perspective, he has a wealth of experience and knowledge. On this episode we discuss some of those adventures, from a resuming international travel amid a global coronavirus situation to a horrifyingly funny (looking back on it 20 years later) sheep hunt that went down somewhere in the mountains of Tajikistan.

Corey also addresses one of his biggest concerns internally within the hunting community. One that I believe exists and is eye opening and alarming to be frank. Of course we also get into the 6.5 Creedmoor fraternity of shooters, one that if you follow Corey’s social media accounts you likely know he has zero issue poking fun at. Why do some people take themselves so seriously? I think it’s plain to see despite his incredibly successful hunting career, Corey has no qualms making fun of himself as evidenced by the previously mentioned Tajikistan sheep hunt.

(Corey with a majestic Bongo taken somewhere in the jungles of Central Africa)