Fenix Ammunition recently made headlines for this disclaimer that appears when you visit their website. If you click “YES” the site redirects the user to Joe Biden’s Gun Control Policy page. The company’s founder Justin Nazaroff makes no apologies. Simply put, the Biden Administration wants to end online ammunition sales and for a company like Fenix (that does over 90% of their business online) it would put them out of business.

Justin gives us his take on whether or not this messaging has hurt their bottom line. He also explains that this was far from a publicity stunt (hell, ammo manufacturers can’t produce enough ammunition to fulfill current demand as it is) but rather an attempt to educate Americans on the new administration’s planned attack on the 2nd Amendment.


Vortex Optics Ryan Muckenhern jumps on next to discuss some of the more budget friendly rifle options available to the modern hunter. What (if anything) do you give up by going with a more affordable rifle? Ryan gives us a few rifle tiers and talks about some of the components manufacturers have adopted that result in a more friendly price point for consumers. Certainly the idea that  you get what you pay for has to come up, so is a hunter really giving up performance by going with a cheaper model rifle?

What about taking a budget friendly rifle out to significant distance? Is performance affected? For an even more in depth discussion on this topic you can check out the Vortex Nation podcast by clicking this link: Vortex Nation

My favorite budget friendly rifle platform is the Mossberg Patriot series. You can get them in standard calibers from 22-250 all the way up to .375 Ruger. I took this buck with a Patriot in .270