Do you remember the first fish you caught? I do, it was a panfish. Likely either a bluegill or a red eared sunfish. Most people probably have a similar memory due to these fish’s availability and how easy they can be to catch. However, what if you want to specifically target keeper sized panfish?

Renown outdoor writer and angler Joel Nelson jumps on the show this week to discuss exactly that. We discuss bluegill biology and behavior and how to apply that knowledge when pursuing these tasty little guys. Joel also gives us a killer fish taco recipe as well. You can find Joel’s work on his website:


Next, we talk bobwhite quail conservation and research with the new Executive Director of the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch – Brad Kubecka.  He assumes the roll after the legendary Dr. Dale Rollins stepped aside to focus more on the outreach side of conservation (I.E. fundraising, which Dale is excellent at). We discuss his vision for the ranch going forward as well as a new Tall Timbers project in the East Texas Piney Woods- a place most folks wouldn’t associate with viable quail habitat. As always our quail conversations are brought to us by Quail Coalition and  Park Cities Quail.