International Sportsman’s Jeremy Mallette joins the show this week. We dive into the Biden Administration’s recent decision to ban the import of ALL Russian made ammunition and firearms. The premise as to why the POTUS and his staff decided to take such extreme measures is quite laughable to be frank. The effects of such a decision will be widespread and ultimately the biggest loser will be the American gun owning public. Jeremy explains why during our visit.

Then we switch gears and head to the Scottish Highlands in search of free range Red Stag. Jeremy recently went on this hunt and sheds some insight on Scotland’s hunting tradition and culture. Also how does a hunt like this compare to pursuing red deer in New Zealand? You will be surprised at how affordable it actually is. (Beautiful stag Jeremy took on his hunt)

We wrap up this episode by heading to the Florida coast for a fishing trip that has long been near the top of my bucketlist- trophy snook! The wife and I flew into Fort Lauderdale, FL. , rented a car and drove to Palm Springs for a quick 48 hour birthday celebration that included a morning of snook fishing with Captain Mike Holliday.  Mike and I discuss what makes that area of Florida’s east coast the “snook capital of the world”. Having never caught a snook previously, there were also things I learned about the biology of these awesome predatory fish while on the boat with Mike. Sadly, the amazing trout fishery that once existed in that same area is now long gone. Mike explains how the Lake Okeechobee run off has killed all the sea grass in their inlet.

The biggest fish of the day (a 44 inch, 28 lb monster) ended up being caught by Erin. Super proud of my better half!