Whether you’re planning a DIY back country elk hunt or determining where to set up tree stands on your whitetail property, OnX Hunt’s technology is an invaluable tool for the modern hunter. I am thrilled to have partnered with a company who’s product I’ve been utilizing for nearly a decade now. OnX’s Jared Larsen jumps on the show this week as we discuss a myriad of topics ranging from OnX’s history to new features like the Rut Map that will be available this fall.

We also hit on his recent Alaskan dall sheep hunt (insanely jealous), Midwest vs Texas peak rutting times, homemade turkey taxidermy and much more. Don’t forget to use my code “Lonestar20” for 20% off your OnX subscription when you take the plunge! You’ll wonder how you ever hunted without OnX once you do!

(Jared with a 2020 Montana bruiser)