The backlash from deer hunters in Grayson, Collin, Dallas and Rockwall counties was fast and furious once they learned Texas Parks and Wildlife’s plan to add rifle seasons to the archery only deer counties. Lifelong Sherman resident and Attorney Brock Benson brought some seriously questionable details to the table concerning the way TPWD went about trying to pass their petition. A biologist that sits on the Whitetail Advisory Committee seems to have tried to use his influence to help get their agenda passed in order to benefit ONE high fence ranch in Grayson County.

Brock joins me in studio to break down the way TPWD mishandled the whole process, a process they never should have started to begin with based off the fact that they never consulted the hunting community in those 4 counties to begin with. I am a longtime fan and supporter of TPWD, but this whole ordeal left a bad taste in my mouth as Austin seemingly tried to flex on North Texas without scientific validity and total disregard for what the majority of hunters in the area prefer.

(Luckily the commission  to the hunting community and withdrew the petition to introduce rifle seasons all together. My friend Chad Jones with a top 5 all time Texas archery buck taken in Collin County circa 2018)

Next, we spend some time with Lone Star Ag Credit’s Tyler Rosser. Everyone wants to own their own piece of paradise, but land is the one thing they’re not making more of. Tyler educates us on the history of Farm Credit (Lone Star Ag Credit has been around over 100 years), how the current economy affects their lending rates and of course Lone Star Ag Credit’s unique Patronage Program (where they actually pay their borrowers a percentage at the end of the year). We wrap up the conversation with Tyler giving us the details on an epic flyfishing adventure he and his wife are taking this spring.