For the entirety of my career I’ve subscribed to the notion that the more new hunters joining our ranks the better for the future of our sport. However, if we’re not recruiting the right kind of hunter, then can we expect them to really be invested in our cause? The Angry Bowhunter joins me on Episode 623 for an honest discussion on this topic. Much has been made about the heated conversation between brothers Steve and Matt Rinella on a semi recent episode of the Meateater Podcast. I don’t know the answer to this incredibly tough question, but it’s certainly something worth discussing.

Also, do celebrity ‘hunters’ like Joe Rogan and even Cam Hanes really help our sport with the messaging they regularly put out? OR, does it mean more of the wrong type of hunter joining the fold? I know it sounds weird to even say “Wrong Type of Hunter”, but if these new hunters still vote a certain way and still support companies and organizations that aren’t really pro hunting and pro conservation…then is the juice truly worth the squeeze? Also, if more people are competing for less hunting opportunity (tags becoming harder to draw and private land harder to access) how does that affect the hunting community going forward?

(Crowded trail heads are only becoming more and more common with each passing hunting season.)