I may not agree with Matt Rinella on many of his stances. However, I damn sure want to find out what makes him feel the way he does on certain hunting and conservation related topics. The estranged brother of Meateater empire founder Steve, Matt believes Steve and similar hunting celebrities/influencers have nearly ruined hunting for the average guy (or girl). Do I fall into that category for Matt? How does he define a ‘hunting celebrity’?

He may come across as bitter in the conversation (and I do believe he is bitter) when it comes to increased hunting pressure and declining hunter opportunity. Matt gives his thoughts on social media’s impact on hunting, private lands, leases, trapping, voting, conservation non profits and the 2A and much more. We may end up agreeing to disagree more often than not, but I certainly appreciate Matt’s passion and transparency.

Will Matt’s Hunt Quietly movement have an impact on the hunting community/industry? Only time will tell.