Corey Knowlton has spent more time hunting internationally than just about any hunter on the planet. When you talk about hunting Africa specifically, that list becomes even narrower.  A professional hunter/booking agent with over 70 safaris under his belt, he’s seen just about anything the African bush can throw at you. On this episode we discuss why he loves the big double barrel dangerous game calibers so much and how to appropriately manage the massive recoil they cause when you pull the trigger.

Corey also recalls a recent close call where he was nearly killed by a nile crocodile. We discuss the most important rules of dangerous game hunting and Corey gives us his most underrated African country for trophy hunting. Speaking of ‘trophy hunting’ – is that a term we should distance from as a hunting community? Other discussion topics include:

  • How do African countries really deal with poachers?
  • American politicians dictating to African countries how they should manage their wildlife resources
  • Trump’s big screw up with elephants
  • Bush Pig- overrated or not?
  • Worst food by region in the world (keep in mind Corey has hunted on every continent)
  • Elephant hunting- why is that Corey’s favorite species to pursue?
  • The 3 ways animals actually die when we shoot them
  • Foot Pounds of energy – never go undergunned
  • Fun with the 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Tanzania’s 6 year old lion policy and why it’s a colossal failure
  • A recent switch in the mind of hunters who value experience over the trophy
  • The nostalgia of the .600 Nitro Express
  • Corey’s favorite books on international hunting
  • Trophy Photos
  • Mongolian wolf hunters