It’s become an annual tradition to tape a safari recap episode with my friend and PH Carl Van Zyl of John X Safaris while in his South African hunting camp. On this week’s show we revisit the most recent hunting adventure shared on the Eastern Cape. We started out pursuing the tiniest of African antelope in the form of chasing blue duiker through the lush vegetation near the coast. Exciting stuff hearing the dogs push the duikers into the open where the hunter (me) waited anxiously.

Next we headed North into the mountains looking for big kudu bulls. They didn’t give it up easy as Carl and I toiled in the mountains for the better part of 3 days trying to get on a mature bull. Lots of time behind the glass and a handful of failed stalks later we finally put it all together on this beauty of a bull.

We then ventured to the Winterberg range in search of a sporty upland shoot over some great pointing dogs. In this instance the dogs were Irish Setters and the birds were grey winged partridge. One of the most fun wild bird hunts I’ve been on anywhere. The scenery and pageantry were equally impressive.

We made our way back to the main camp at the Woodlands preserve to wrap up the trip pursuing waterbuck, zebra and we had another wingshooting experience but this time it was geese and pigeons that were on the menu. Thanks to Carl and John X Safaris for another amazing safari on South Africa’s Eastern Cape.