Renown fishing and environmental author Paul Greenberg joins us this week. We take a look at his New York Times Bestseller ‘Four Fish – The Future of the Last Wild Food‘ which examines our salmon, cod, sea bass and tuna fisheries. Each of the four fisheries are unique to themselves, so how do we as a country and as a global community manage them for sustainability? Paul also explains how powerful 1st world countries often outsource much of their demand for fresh fish to smaller (and less regulated) 3rd world countries.

Do Americans know what species is generally found on most fried fish platters, fast food sandwiches and frozen fish sticks? What about Jurassic Park’s role in the Chilean Sea Bass craze? What Which of these species are successfully farmed?¬†Another point of contention is the relationship between commercial vs recreational anglers when it comes to depleting resources. One of the most interesting things we got into was his take on ‘Kill and Go Home’ vs catch and release.

You can also check out Paul’s other books ‘American Catch‘ and his latest work ‘The Climate Diet‘ wherever you purchase books. We might have to bring Paul back on to dive deeper into ‘The Climate Diet‘ on a future episode.