I won’t lie, the world of Cross Fit is something I’m not familiar with. (However, by the time this podcast posts, I will have completed my first ever Cross Fit training session). Apparently though, there’s this dude Rich Froning who is the legendary OG when it comes to Cross Fit, having won 3 consecutive world titles at his peak. When I found out Rich liked hunting and I was considering sticking my toe into Cross Fit, I knew we needed to see what the guy had to say.

We talk about his passion for elk and turkey hunting, faith, family, fitness and much more on this episode. Rich seems like the kind of salt of the earth dude you’d love to share an elk camp with. Interesting stuff with the man widely referred to as the “fittest human on the planet”.

Next we catch up with our good friend Tyler Rosser of Lone Star Ag Credit (VP of Lending Sherman Office). As someone who plans on owning my own hunting land someday, I keep tabs on interest rates and the ebb and flow of the recreational/rural land market place through visits with Lone Star Ag Credit. They’ve been at this game for over a century and are the authority on rural land acquisition across most of Texas.

We discuss the recession’s impact on the market as well as high interest rates and whether they will level out in the near future. Lone Star Ag Credit also has some exciting news on westward expansion that we’ll get into as well. A passionate fly fisherman and aspiring elk hunter, I’m sure we’ll mix in some outdoor talk with Tyler over the course of the conversation.