Safari Club International VP Government Affairs Ben Cassidy and District of Conservation Podcast Host Gabriella Hoffman join Cable for an interesting round table discussion concerning the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) recent proposed rule on Conservation and Health Landscape.  The rule has drawn skepticism from the hunting and conservation communities as the language seems to open the door for anti hunting or animal rights activist groups to potentially lease BLM lands and subsequently close them to sustainable use practices under the flimsy guise of “preservation”. If you’ve paid attention to this show over the years, you’re well aware that preservation is not conservation, despite the BLM’s willingness to redefine the terms.

Ben and Gabby give their takes on why the BLM would do this and the real threat the open ended language might lead to. We also try to make sense of the Biden Administration’s assault on New Mexico’s Navajo Nation in terms of preventing them from drilling on their government deeded lands. The Navajo Nation has predictably not responded to the recent oil lease ban in a positive manner.

We then check in with our good friend Linda Powell of Mossberg Firearms. Linda and I have shared hunting camps over the years and I’ve always been enamored by her passion for bear hunting. With both of us having just returned from spring bear hunting adventures, I figured we’d share notes and relive the high points from this spring, Linda in Northern Alberta and myself on Vancouver Island. We discuss the rifle calibers we selected and how they performed. (Linda with a giant Alberta bear from this spring).