Have you ever shot Match grade ammunition? Have you ever hunted with it? I certainly have taken Hornady Match Ammunition hog hunting on numerous occasions, but what about big game hunting with these popular factory loads? On this week’s episode we discuss this very topic with two gentlemen that know a thing or two about bullet selection and performance in the form of Vortex Optics’ Ryan Muckinhirn and The Big Game Hunting Blog/Podcast host John McAdams.

They’ve both shot Match grade ammo frequently and one of the two has hunted with it. What were the results? How does performance compare to traditional hunting ammo? Does distance impact performance? To get even more in depth the guys break down how Match grade ammo is designed and what drives that technology. I quote a couple of my trusted outfitter friends who were happy to comment on the performance their clients have had once a Match grade bullet enters an animal.

We talk wound channels, internal devastation, and Ryan gives us a theory on why perfectly placed shots often result in completely different outcomes based on what an animal is doing at the exact moment the bullet finds it’s mark. The conversation deviates into overall bullet construction and performance in non toxic loads as well. If you’re a fan of talking calibers and performance this one should be a good listen.