I don’t know if it’s because we all have cell phones with cameras on us at all times or if deer are just evolving to include meat in their diets, but what is up with all the viral videos of whitetails chowing down on other animals? I’ve seen them eating birds, grasshoppers, eggs and most recently a snake! Biologist Kip Adams of the National Deer Association (formerly QDMA) joins us for an interesting discussion on why deer are seeking out animal protein in their diets.

We also discuss cervid biology and how their stomach works throughout the digestion process. You’ve probably heard of a rumen, but what does it really do? Kip also gives us insight on the seasonal nutritional preferences of deer as far as natural browse goes. What about targeted trapping or aerial gunning of predators and it’s affect on fawn recruitment? We even get into Kip’s recent deer hunting trip to Australia, which surprisingly reminded me very much of my 2022 Hawaiian axis deer experience.

Next my friend and Justin White and his noodling partner Drew Moore stop by the studio to discuss their recent catch of a lifetime in the form of this massive 98.7 lb flathead catfish they caught out of Lake Tawakoni, Texas. I’ve actually gone noodling with Justin a couple times and when I saw his face plastered on the Field & StreamĀ social media pages with the huge fish, I knew we had to get the story in person.

The boys talk about the dangers of noodling (especially at depths of 10 plus feet of water) and some of their tricks they’ve picked up over the years. Some of the situations they find themselves in seem a little sketchier than what even I’d be comfortable with. We get the low down on what it was like wrestling this behemoth world record catch up from 15 feet of water. Plus, how did they manage to keep her alive long enough to weigh her on a certified scale before releasing her unharmed?