I’ve covered hunting and fishing in Texas for nearly 15 years and I never knew we had a Bureau of Land Management Unit anywhere in the Lone Star State, much less one that is open to public land bowhunters. The 12,000 acre Cross Bar Special Recreation Management Area in Potter County has whitetail, mule deer, and pronghorn among other species. The unit’s manager, Adrian Escobar joins us this week to give us the lowdown on this public land oasis in the Texas Panhandle.

In a state that is 98% privately owned, public land big game hunting opportunity is few and far between. So learning about the Cross Bar truly is a breath of fresh air for the big game hunter. Adrian gives us the pros (there are many) with the only real con being the current access situation and how he plans to navigate that issue moving forward.

Then we spend some time talking waterfowling and the post covid state of the shot shell manufacturing industry with Kent Cartridge’s Jeff Barry.  With Kent’s new super premium Faststeel Plus hitting shelves for this fall, Jeff also breaks down the design and research that went into the latest and greatest in Kent’s waterfowl lineup. Of course we also get into some destination waterfowl hunt discussion and a possible sea duck rendezvous on the Eastern seaboard.