This one might ruffle a few feathers and for that, we make absolutely ZERO apologies. My good friend and hunting industry mogul Baker Leavitt joins me this week. Baker is the Director of Black Rifle Coffee and the owner of the Digital Mongoose media management company. He’s a passionate big game hunter and media expert. His company handles the social media branding and content for numerous outdoor related companies that we’re all familiar with.

Topics included in today’s no holes barred conversation include:

  • What’s easier- killing a mature bull elk or whitetail buck?
  • The harsh reality with social media nookie girls and gun bunnies
  • The truth about Ryan Busse
  • Georgia hunting culture
  • Losing everything and clawing your way back to the top
  • Does conservation cross  your mind when you’re actually hunting?
  • Who is the greatest conservationist of all time vs modern times?
  • Creating the wrong type of hunter
  • Kill Cliff
  • Hunting Africa
  • Leadership and team building in the corporate world
  • What’s the deal with Josh Bowmar?
  • Differing opinions on Cam Hanes