We get things going with a quick hit segment on Horny Toads, Biden’s latest attack on hunting through defunding archery and hunter education in public schools and a funny little rumor I heard about myself. You can’t make it up lol!

(Horned Lizard I came across at the deer lease that was chowing down on some red ants by my camper)

Next, Mike Leonard of the American Sport Fishing Association (ASA) makes his return to the show. We discuss the SHARKED ACT, and why the idea that sharks should be immune to any kind of management is a flawed concept. This act brings focus to the ever increasing issue of shark depredation, these conflicts are bad for fish, anglers and sharks. So how do we shift the mindset that sharks need protection across the board, to one of how can we manage these apex predators to the benefit of marine fisheries and anglers alike?

Then we spend some time focusing on NOAA Fisheries (The National Marine Fisheries Service) and it’s apparent hijacking by animal rights activist groups. Specifically, we dive into their complete denial of the vitality of Atlantic Coast red snapper populations. States have done their own counts and NOAA continues to deny that snapper populations are healthy enough to support practical season dates and bag limits on red snapper.

If you need more evidence that NOAA Fisheries has been corrupted by animal rights activism then look no further than their proposed vessel speed reductions for ALL vessels in parts of the Gulf Coast region based off a newly discovered whale species. Mike explains the far reaching consequences for both commercial and recreational anglers should this thing pass. These whales get hit by boats so infrequently that it shouldn’t even be a conversation piece, yet here we are.