Synopsis of Episode 50:

We kick things off with a Lake Texoma Striper report with our buddy Captain John Brett of Texoma Striper Fishing. It’s the time of the year when most of us have deer, ducks, and upland birds on our minds- but it also means the big ‘uns out at Texoma are hungry and agressive!

Then we check in with TPWD’s Dove and Crane Program Leader Corey Mason. Dove season re-opened on Christmas morning and we delve into the huge numbers of on the migrating mourning dove that Texas hunters have the chance to harvest. Also, how do dove behavioral patterns differ from the September opener to the current late season opportunity?


We round out the show with an in-depth discussion with Delta Waterfowl President Rob Olson. Rob’s latest column Delta Waterfowl- Ducks Unlimited, Innovation Drives Competition has sparked much interest in recent weeks. How healthy is the relationship between the two organizations? Should they strive towards working together more closely? We hunters have to choose who we give our conservation dollars to, and it’s no secret that Delta and DU compete for our dollars. Rob gives us his take on why that’s a great thing.