We start off by talking waterfowl pair bonding and how it affects season dates with Ducks Unlimited Biologist Mike Brasher. Most Texas duck hunters have likely driven by a pond or tank in mid February that is covered with ducks yet they were nowhere to be found during the waterfowl season. It often makes many of us wonder why doesn’t the season start and end later than it does? Understanding when ducks form pair bonds how how it affects their mating cycle should help answer that question. Mike also serves on the Gulf Coast Joint Venture, which if you aren’t familiar with then you’ll want to tune in to find out how the Gulf Coast Joint Venture serves both ducks and duck hunters.

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Then we get into some hot button issues facing the American Hunting/Fishing community with U.S. Sportsman’s Alliance CEO Nick Pinizotto. Hunter harassment, anti hunting legislation and the always controversial wolf issue are a few of the high points we’ll discuss. To date conservation organizations and the Pittman Robertson Act of 1937 have raised over 13 billion dollars earmarked for conservation. What have anti hunting groups contributed? You might be surprised with the answer.

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Then we round out the show by checking in with our longtime friend Captain Len Girard who joins us live from the Texas coast for our coastal fishing report. We find out where the redfish and trout are staging, what Captain Len is catching them on, and we talk black drum (like the massive one below) as they are still up shallow getting ready to move out of the bay systems.

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