Turkey season just wrapped up and the dog days of summer are on the horizon. Though hunting season never truly ends in Texas (thanks to our infamous feral hog epidemic) this is as close to a lull that you’ll find. It’s May that gives new life and promise for the coming fall. Mourning doves nest in clumsily thrown together wads of twigs and sticks leaving one to wonder how these awkward little birds can so gracefully dip and dart in and out of a 12 gauge pattern come September 1st. Trail cameras show bucks sprouting the first sign of antler growth- leaving hunters to speculate on what kind of head gear they’ll carry next season.

While hunting might be on hiatus for many folks, May is one of my favorite times of the year as there’s still plenty to do in the Great Outdoors before temps reach triple digits. Whether you’re tying on your favorite green watermelon seed lizard for largemouths, cutting up bait for jug lines, chasing slabs into those familiar post spawn haunts or heading to the coast for specks and redfish- now is the best time of the year to get on the water.

So in between catching up on missed sleep from last hunting season, planning that family summer vacation and going through the monotony of everyday life, make time to take advantage of these 80 degree days and wet a line every chance you get. Perhaps take a kid fishing, or maybe an old friend who has gotten away from the outdoor lifestyle because life simply got in the way. Maybe life has gotten in the way for you as well. Remember, few things are as therapeutic for the soul as enjoying a sunrise or sunset with good company while your bobber floats lazily on the water’s surface.

Load up the cooler with your favorite beverage and head for the closest tank, lake or river. Slow down when you get there. Close your eyes, breathe deep and listen. Let the sounds and smell of spring recharge your battery. But remember, don’t keep them closed for too long or you might miss that subtle tug on the end of your line.

Tight Lines! – Cable